shy* play

shy* play at puntWG

A series of performative events created in collaboration with Angelo Custodio, Karime Salame Sainz and Rajni Shah. For these events, puntWG will act as a laboratory where shy* play will collaborate with visiting humans and more-than-humans in exploring techniques that employ the voice, space, relationality, and performativity. A 300 meter-long fabric of various textures and opacities will become a space-shifter and facilitator throughout the project's duration.

All upcoming shy* play events are organised for a limited number of visitors and will be hosted at puntWG: WG Plein t/o nr 80, 1054 DM Amsterdam, Netherlands. Wheelchair accessible.

You can sign up for any combination of three different events below:

Lounging Sessions (visit installation)
Reading groups

shy* play events are open to anyone; however, to create a hospitable space for non-neurotypical and non-extraverted thought, experimentation, and relationship building, we ask participants to (re)consider normalised neurotypical ways of behaving and valuing, even when those are assumed to be socially accepted and respectful, and to avoid any relational demand that, for example, puts someone in the spotlight or requires face-to-face conversations. Please also note that our space does not tolerate any form of pathologisation.